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February 19, 2008

Sex Pistols as Role Models

An interesting narrative about the Sex Pistols, affecting change, and the simple six-letter word that determines success. This theme keeps popping up and I think it's a sign.

February 7, 2008

HOW Redesigned

HOW Magazine Online has been redesigned. The look is a lot cleaner, but I smell stinky, lingering tables...

Found in Translation

DaringFireball's translation from PR-speak to English of Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang’s company-wide memo regarding the Microsoft takeover bid... Geek comedy only as John Gruber can do it...

February 4, 2008


Why the new IE8 versioning is bad by James Bennet. I hadn't fully grasped the implications until reading this article. I was content using conditional comments, but now that point is apparently moot, as well.