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January 31, 2008

Jacob Souva

Jacob Souva is quite a talented illustrator and designer. Seeing his design is as satisfying as eating a killer home-cooked meal — it just hits the spot.

Internet Boo-boo

Teh Internets Can Haz Band-Aidz? Egypt asks non-essential Internet shenanigans be put on hold so legit business can take place. Don't try that in the U.S.!

January 16, 2008

Guerilla Art Direction

Guerilla Art Direction: courtesy of the Design Police. The "Comic Sans" sticker is all-important, so print extras of that page.

Javascript and CSS Versioning

Automatically version your CSS and Javascript files.

Daring Fireball - Retrospective

A look back at John Gruber's Macworld 2008 Predictions. What's eerie is how spot on he was about Time Capsule.

Unmatched tff4.com

Thank you Unmatched Style, CSSMania, and Most Inspired for the kind words and all the visitors!