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September 2007 Archives

Posted by Tom at 09.26.07

Yesterday, brothers Saulius and Aidas Dailide released Pixelmator 1.0 for public consumption. Lucky for us, they were nice enough to provide a downloadable trial demo (which can be unlocked with a serial for more permanent use). It has been said that image editors are likely to become the new FTP client within the mac dev community, so I figured I'd give Pixelmator a try and see how it weighs in against the heaviest hitter, Photoshop.

First Impressions
The first thing that struck me is that at about 30MB, Pixelmator is pretty compact. A lot more compact than that torrent of CS3 you're waited three days for... I'm sure this is due in large part to the fact that brothers Dailide relied heavily on OS X's Core Image technology to handle the grunt work. Upon opening Pixelmator, you are confronted with a splash dialog box similar to that you would see in CS3, but with pretty animations of cascading text that become menu options. I jumped right in and used it to open the latest comp of my upcoming site redesign.

Posted by Tom at 09. 7.07


For example, at last month’s iMacs/iLife/iWork special event, Jobs several times alluded to Apple having released the first version of iLife “a long time ago”. It was actually just four and a half years ago, but I think in Jobs’s mind, even 2003 is the distant past.

I'm convinced this is because he only returns from a utopian world in the year 2207 to give us keynotes and delicious technological goodies. Then FSJ time travels back to go get us more goodies.

Hey, a man can dream can't he?

Posted by Tom at 09. 6.07
BioShock Concept Logo

Or Not So Much... Depending on how you look at it.

Here's my review of BioShock. I know, I know, late to the game (no pun intended), but the wife wasn't digging me buying a $50 or $60 game. And I'm glad I played whipped and didn't blow that money (which is now going to an iPhone)...

Posted by Tom at 09. 5.07

What do we call iPhone-optimized sites now?

iSites? IPOS? I know — jeebusSites!