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The Chipper

Posted by Tom at 06.17.10

For some time now I’ve attempted to find the ideal configuration of software and services to develop websites on a Mac, and more specifically, how to keep these files synced between an FTP server and multiple Macs. The following should serve as a rough guide to beginners attempting to do the same, but a few caveats:

Posted by Tom at 05.29.08

Celebrate Download Day 2008, and help set a Guiness World Record by getting Firefox 3 on the day it drops.

Download Day 2008

As Firefox 3 nears completion, it’s shaping up to be leaner, faster, and more usable. The world’s best open source browser is maturing, and as part of the web community, you can get your Firefox on, and help it gain more mainstream exposure at the same time. So make it count — don’t be a slouch — pledge to get Firefox 3! And it doesn’t cost a thing, people…

Posted by Tom at 05.14.08

I’m holding out for at hero ‘till the end of the night / He’s gotta be strong / And he’s gotta be fast / And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight

Ok, I know that’s over the top, but I’d like to introduce you to Silas Dilworth’s new “Heroic Condensed”. If you’re a fan of condensed, slab sans-serifs like I am, then you’ll understand my enthusiasm. Available in 8 weights, and currently 33% off from its regular price, it’s hard to resist grabbing this up.